Alfred J. Trask

We have forty million reasons for failure, but not a single excuse. Rudyard Kipling

Horse Racing As a HobbyFeatured

Last summer, I was hanging around the house and my parents thought that I should get some kind of hobby to pass the time. I told them that I watched television and played video games, but they didn’t consider those to be legitimate hobbies. They decided to look in the phone book and pick something at random for me. This sounded like a bad idea, considering they could have picked something like ballet. They chose one of the horse racing syndicates in the area and decided that I would learn how to ride a horse. I tried to talk them out of it, telling them how much it would cost, but they didn’t mind paying for it.

My parents dropped me off at the syndicate, and there were horses everywhere. I had only seen horses up close a few times when I went to an animal farm as a younger kid. I rode on one for a few seconds, and fed one a carrot, but beyond that, I had no other interaction with them. Read more →

I Figured There Must Be an Easier Option for Contractors to Get a Home MortgageFeatured

I have handed over the keys to a lot of new homes to the owners. I do contract work in finishing new home projects. A finish carpenter does things such as the trim, and I often am called upon to install doors, windows and the new locks. Most of the time I am the first guy to have a key to a new home that just had its framework covered up and the window and door holes filled in with windows and doors. My wife and I thought we would have to wait, but going to helped us get the keys to our new house rather quickly.

I worked on finishing a very nice home that was being built. Read more →

Working on the Last Details of a BusinessFeatured

I have been planning this for quite some time, ever since I came into the money for it via inheritance. My great uncle had no children of his own survive him and I was always the closest to him in the family, although he was a very difficult man to get along with and it is not like I never said an unkind word to him. He left me a piece of commercial property near the motor way and a fair sum of money. Right now I am looking for free employment law help because I know that I am going to need to hire around half a dozen workers to start it off. Read more →

The Stress of Having to Perform WellFeatured

Growing up as a millennial I’ve been immersed in a culture that is both obsessed and repulsed by the notion and act of sex. It’s ridiculous that we’re pushed and pulled around so often when it comes to having sex, especially as a man. We’ve been so demonized lately in mass media and in online forums like Reddit, Jezebel and even Slate just because of who we are and what our desires are. Combine that with all the porn that we’re exposed to instills an anxiety that leads to some men, like myself, buying products such as Prosolution due to the influence of porn. I’ve never seen myself as a small guy but when you compare yourself to the men found in porn, every guy is going to appear small next to them. This is why I bought this product to help me increase my size and the intensity of sex.

There’s a part of me that feels guilty for using it. Read more →

Shakeology for Meal Replacement and Better HealthFeatured

My eating habits are pretty awful at the moment, and I am trying to figure out a way to avoid junk food. I need to stop going to the grocery store, because even when I go to the grocery store with the agenda of buying healthy food, I end up seeing junk food and putting some of it in the cart. I am reading this comprehensive Shakeology review right now to see if Shakeology is going to be a good way for me to start to lose some weight and replace some of the meals that I eat, which would probably end up being unhealthy, with a more healthy alternative.

I wish that I could just cut junk food out of my life completely, and maybe I can do that. It is not clear at the moment how much success I will have with cutting junk food out of my life. There are so many different types of junk food that it is hard for me to eliminate them all. Read more →

We Need Better Options for Reporting Spam in EmailFeatured

I think that the double opt in policy should be absolutely mandatory for anyone who signs up for anything by email. Plus, I think that if you get someone using your email address trying to sign you up for stuff, that when you get the opt in email there should be a way to report illegal use of your email address. Then the company should be responsible for tracing the sender’s IP. There should be an option to reject all incoming mail from a domain without just redirecting it to a spam folder. Reporting spam in email needs to go to the next level now.

If someone does not like you, they can sign you up for all kinds of stuff just using your email address. Of course in most cases you have to click on the first contact email to finish the signup process. Read more →

Buying Rugs on the InternetFeatured

I just moved into a new apartment, and I have to say it is by far the biggest apartment that I have ever lived in. It almost feels too big, and it is kind of empty at the moment, because I lived in a rather small apartment last, at least in comparison to this one. So with all of my stuff in the new apartment, it is still pretty empty. I am trying to find rugs for sale for a good price, because one of the things that I want to do to help to make the apartment less empty is to get a nice area rug to put in the living room.

I am also going to buy a couple of other rugs for other rooms, but the rug for the living room is my top priority at the moment and I really want to get that taken care of quickly. Read more →

Scrap Metal is in EverythingFeatured

I collect a lot of junk from all over the place. Sometimes people leave their used appliances on the street when they don’t work anymore. I get to them before the garbage men have a chance to load the appliances in their truck. Sometimes I go to the thrift store and look for items that no one else wants anymore. I store all of these items in containers inside of my garage. Some of the items I can repair, but the rest I just strip for materials. The scrap copper price has been pretty good lately, which is why I’ve been taking any copper I can find in these items and selling it.

There are a lot of metals that you can find in any electronic device or appliance. Common metals like tin, steel, and copper are often used, but sometimes more rarer metals like silver and gold can be found. The average computer motherboard has some of these metals in smaller quantities. Stripping the metals from these boards requires a tool that can heat up to temperatures hot enough to melt the solder that holds components in place. Taking everything from one board can take an hour or two.

There’s always something to be found, and always something that someone else doesn’t want, so I’ll never be able to completely clear out my garage. On the bright side, that also means that there will always be a way to make money. As technology gets smaller and smaller, the process of removing the metals from items will get a little more difficult. I was taking the metal out of a phone that had been dropped in a lake, and I had to use a magnifying glass to see all of the small bits of metal that were on the circuit board.

Freestyle FestivalFeatured


    Wave High Back Posture Chair
    Fully Upholstered in a soft feel Yitardex fabric.
    Available in Black or Blue
    Height adjustable, pivoting, padded armrests to customize to your comfort
    Adjustable back height with a Twist Adjustable Lumbar Support
    24 Hour Chiropractor Chair
    Heavy Duty Syncronized Tilt & Lock Any Position Mechanism with Seat Slide
    23.5 Stone Weight Limited
    Polished Aluminum base

    Back Width: 455mm
    Back Height: 655mm
    Total Back Height: 1160- 1215mm
    Seat Height: 470-560mm
    Seat Depth: 400-495mm
    Seat Width: 490mm
    Overall Depth: 655mm
    Overall Width: 620mm
    Height from floor to top of armrests: 650-840mm




  3. Freestyle Festival
    Event on 2016-04-23 15:00:00
    Join us for our 11th Annual Freestyle Festival, The highly anticipated freestyle festival on the west coast. With your hottest acts of the80’s & 90’s all in the open air Sea Walk Pavilion at THE QUEEN MARY.

    ROBIN S.
    General Admission -( Standing Room Only )
    Reserved Chair Seating
    5 VIP TABLE SEATING- Includes: Vip Entrance, Private Bars, Private Restrooms,VIP Entrance, Table Seating, Bottle Service Available
    0 BACKSTAGE VIP- Includes: Vip Entrance, Private Bars, Private Restrooms, VIP Entrance, Back Stage Balcony Viewing Area, Event Poster, Meet & Greet The Artist, VIP Lanyard, Free Buffet 6pm-8pm & Open Bar From 6pm -7pm

    Additional Info:Rain or Shine NO Refunds or ExchangesDoors open Saturday at 3:00 PM
    Everyone subject to search upon entry
    Food/Beverage & other items sold at the venue
    Tickets to be picked up at will call require matching photo I.D.
    Tickets Maybe be purchased at the door if event is not sold out


    at Queen Mary
    1126 Queens Highway
    Long Beach, United States




    Event on 2016-01-24 14:00:00
    This is an amazing afternoon/Nighttime featival featuring some of the Top names in rock! All ages welcome, no chairs, coolers,food or water on entry. FULL BAR & FOOD AVAILABLE ON SITE. Lots of Parking. 

    at England Brothers Park
    5010 81st Ave. N.
    Pinellas Park, United States





  7. Reverend Horton Heat
    Event on 2016-02-07 18:00:00
    with Unknown Hinson, Nashville Pussy, Igor and the Red Elvises
    Recently, the Reverend Horton Heat, aka Jim Heath, had something along the lines of what he calls an epiphany.He's a little tired of being taken so seriously-well, maybe not seriously, exactly, but you get the idea-and lately he's noticed that some of his funnier, country-tinged songs were his biggest crowd pleasers. Besides, being entertaining is what this is all about, right?So, ladies and gents, roll your smokes up in your sleeve and hold on to your cowboy hats, it's time to take a trip back to a time before slick, over-produced country became the norm-a time when outlaws wrote songs about being without a pot to piss in-or at least about psycho exboyfriends and deadbeat girlfriends that spend your paycheck faster than you can say Lone Star.Welcome to Laughin' and Cryin' with the Reverend Horton Heat a record full of country-heavy tunes about bad habits, well-meaning but clueless husbands, ever-expanding beer-guts and, well, Texas. It wouldn't be a Reverend Horton Heat record without a song or-in this case, two-about the Lone Star State. And, while Laughin' and Cryin' marks a detour from the hard driving punkabilly of the Rev's last record, 2004's Revival, this time tending toward honk, there's still some shit-kickers ["Death Metal Guys"] to let you know that Heath and crew still mean business."I really wanted to capture the feelings of recordings of the late '50s, early '60s," Heath said of the songs on the new record.Exhibit A: Beer Holder, a honky-tonker about a guy who finds the table by his chair a bit too far of a stretch-so he opts for a new "beer holder," his growing gut. While this guy finds his solution genius, his woman thinks otherwise."[The record is] kind of from a regular guy point of view," Heath said. "You know, I like to do stuff that's kind of tongue-in-cheek that makes fun of the good old boy thing as much as trying to glorify the country boy thing."Heath originally conceived the new record as the product of an alter ego, Harley Hog, a sort of "laughing and crying" singer.

    at The Outand Ballroom
    326 South Avenue
    Springfield, United States





  9. Night School 4 Girls
    Event on 2016-01-08 15:30:00
    BestofVegas Special Offer:
    Book the Ultimate Girls' Night Outback Package and receive off!

    Night School 4 Girls
    Studying has never been so sultry than it is with Night School 4 Girls at the Pole Fitness Studio. Pole Dancing experts are your instructors in this 75-minute class in the art of seduction that’s just for the ladies. You’ll learn about great pole dancing tricks and a steaming burlesque routine with feather boas and chairs. This Las Vegas show is perfect for bachelorette parties, divorce parties, or just a great way to spend a girls’ night out. And has your tickets to this fun escape that’s geared toward ladies of all shapes and sizes.

    General Admission – Night School 4 Girls Class Admission, T-shirt and Goodie Bag
    Preferred Package – Night School 4 Girls Class Admission, T-shirt, Goodie Bag and VIP Nightclub Passes
    Ultimate Outback Package – Night School 4 Girls Class Admission, T-shirt, Goodie Bag, VIP Nightclub passes and Thunder from Down Under

    * With the Ultimate Package, the reservation date and time selected is for the class and the guest will select their Thunder show time when they attend the class.
    *The night club passes are subject to change without notice and are based on availability.

    at Pole Fitness Studio
    4265 S. Arville Street, Suite A
    Las Vegas, United States




  11. Senior Yoga Classes
    Event on 2016-01-11 09:00:00
    Gentle Yoga Class for all abilities. Wear comfortable loose clothing that you can move in. Bring a yoga mat if you have one. Chairs are also available if you need to participate from a sitting position. Donation is for Seniors and for all others.

    at The Nahant Community Center
    41 Valley Road
    Nahant, United States




  13. Chair Yoga Classes
    Event on 2016-01-14 16:30:00
    Chair yoga is Yoga for EveryBody. If you’ve trouble getting down to the mat for practicing yoga stretches, bends and twists, chair yoga is for you. If you sit a lot or travel a lot for your vocation, chair yoga is for you.
    If you can breathe, you can do chair yoga. Join Vidya Nahar, ERYT for chair yoga classes, where you’ll learn several ways to practice yoga while seated at your desk, standing by your chair or travelling. You’ll also learn how to synchronize your moves with your breath. No prior yoga experience is necessary to participate in this workshop. Experienced yogis are welcome, too.

    at Buffalo Grove Park District – Alcott Center
    530, Bernard Drive
    Buffalo Grove, United States




  15. Chair Yoga Classes
    Event on 2016-01-12 09:30:00
    Chair yoga is Yoga for EveryBody. If you’ve trouble getting down to the mat for practicing yoga stretches, bends and twists, chair yoga is for you. If you sit a lot or travel a lot for your vocation, chair yoga is for you.
    If you can breathe, you can do chair yoga. Join Vidya Nahar, ERYT for chair yoga classes, where you’ll learn several ways to practice yoga while seated at your desk, standing by your chair or travelling. You’ll also learn how to synchronize your moves with your breath. No prior yoga experience is necessary to participate in this workshop. Experienced yogis are welcome, too.

    at Buffalo Grove Park District – Alcott Center
    530, Bernard Drive
    Buffalo Grove, United States




Embracing the Bluetooth Standards of Networking

Furnishing a new apartment or home has always been my favorite activity for either of these thing. I rarely keep everything when I move. I pick and choose what I want to take with me as by the time I’m moving, it’s been long enough where upgrades are probably going to be necessary and I like buying new gadgets. Who doesn’t? This year I went ahead and bought myself a new 4 slice toaster that had a wireless bluetooth capability, allowing me to hook it up on the network that I have been building the past year. Soon every electronic piece that I own is going to be on the network; everything from the lights to this brand spanking new toaster. The goal is to be able to automate everything. Read more →

I Needed an SEO Company

When my professionally designed website was not getting a high rank in search engine results, I knew that I had to do something about it. I had spent a lot of money on the site, and it did look good. I realized that it was not enough though. I asked a few friends who have successful websites, and two of them told me I should contact Washeen an SEO expert. They gave me the website address, but I asked them why before I even looked. Both of them had used their services when they were in a similar situation as me, and they both found themselves on the first page of search engine results after using their services.

That was a good enough reason for me. I went to the website address they gave me, and I read everything that I could about this company. Read more →

I Just Back from Korea

I have just got back from a three year deployment to South Korea and of course I have brought home a wife with me. When I married her she was a college student, but now she is a medical research technician. She got a job at a research facility here before we left and now I am going back to school. She misses her folks, but it is pretty easy for her to find Korean drama online and so she is fairly happy to keep up with her favorite shows. She can video chat with her friends back in South Korea too and so she is happy enough. My mom and her are getting along great, but she has not met the rest of the family yet. Me and my Dad do not see much of each other lately. He is busy with his other family and of course most of my relatives are back on the East Coast in Virginia , Maryland and North Carolina. Read more →